Lahoud and Arias to join Community Activists to promote HIV testing

Chivas USA players Michael Lahoud and Sergio Arias to Take an HIV test and encourage men to tak

As many as 22,000 people in Los Angeles are infected with HIV, but don’t know it. Some have no idea they are at risk. Others are fearful of knowing their status. Many are scared of taking the first step and getting tested. Alcohol and substance abuse affects one’s ability to make a healthy decision. 

To encourage men to take the HIV test and discuss the importance of peer leadership, Chivas USA players Sergio Arias and Michael Lahoud will take the test at the press conference to show how easy it is. They will also talk about why it’s important to be tested, know your HIV status and to have a healthy community.

The live test is timed to kick off the coming HIV testing campaign with Chivas USA and Erase Doubt at locations throughout Los Angeles County that will run April 13th until June 18th. On June 18th, Chivas USA fans The Wall Las Memorias Project will host AIDS awareness night at The Home Depot Stadium featuring the Major league Soccer match between Chivas USA and FC Dallas. 

The partnership between The Wall Las Memorias Project and Chivas USA is a joint effort to promote AIDS awareness and HIV testing in the Latino community of Los Angeles County. The purpose of this initiative is to reduce the stigma surrounding the disease and promoting a healthy community through awareness, education and testing. This year, our initiative goal is to provide HIV testing to over 300 community members and generate awareness to over 15,000 soccer fans.