Fraser Remains Confident

Coach discusses team’s progress

CARSON, Calif. (Friday, April 15, 2011) - Heading into their fifth MLS game of the season, the Red-and-White are still looking for that first win. But if first-year head coach Robin Fraser is worried, he certainly isn’t showing it.

Fraser isn’t the type of man who panics. He’s a calm, steadying presence on the team and his quiet confidence is something that the players can draw strength from. Besides, as the coach points out, there isn’t much to panic about yet.

“It’s a long season,” said Fraser. “We’re heading in the right direction. We will continue to work and we will continue to get better. No team has outplayed us yet- we’ve been in every game. I think it’s just a matter of getting things clicking.”

Chivas USA are unbeaten in their last two games, putting together two consecutive draws. And the team is certainly improving defensively. After allowing three goals in the season opener, the Goats allowed only one goal in each of the next two games. Against the Columbus Crew last weekend, Chivas USA got their first shut out.

While the defensive record is good, it’s not enough. Heading into a pair of road games in Vancouver and San Jose, Fraser knows the team needs to start getting wins.

“This is a results oriented business,” he said. “Of course we want to get a win. We want to get a whole lot of wins, and obviously it starts with the first one. It’ll be great to get that monkey of our back, but our goal is long-term. We want to be a playoff team and we want to be a championship team.”

Fraser says the team is getting better in each game, and playing “pretty solidly” overall. He thinks individual mistakes have hurt the Red-and-White, but that’s something he knows the team can clean up.

To make the next step and start getting wins, the team will obviously need to score more goals. According to players and coaches, the key is to play with more offensive urgency. Fraser knows he has to help instill the right attitude, but he says having that urgency is mostly up to the players themselves.

“It’s just a matter of having the right mindset, and having the confidence to go out and believe you can be successful,” said Fraser. “I think we’re taking steps toward that, and the training sessions have been great. I think the more prepared the players are, the more confident they’ll be, and they’re feeling more and more prepared every week.”