Blair Gavin travels to Germany to see sports rehab specialist

Gavin spent one week working with Dr. Kurt Mosetter

Blair Gavin Training at HDC

Photo Credit: 
Gabe Dahl / Chivas USA

CARSON, Calif. (Friday, April 22, 2011) - During his rookie season last year, midfielder Blair Gavin quickly became a fan favorite, showing a creative spark and lots of potential. But a hamstring problem cut that season short, and he’s been battling reoccurrences of the injury and working to get healthy ever since. After another reoccurrence early this season, he knew it was time to try something different.

So he traveled to Europe earlier this month and spent a week in Konstanz, a small city in southern Germany, near the border with Switzerland.

“It’s a nice town,” said Gavin. “It’s small, but the area itself is very nice and there’s a little lake. It was very relaxing. I walked around the city a lot meeting people- and surprisingly a lot of people knew English. It was a good time, I got to see the culture of Germany.”

It was Gavin’s first time in Germany, and he was even able to take in a Bundesliga game. But while the relaxation did him well, he obviously didn’t travel all the way to Konstanz for a vacation. Gavin spent most of the week working with Dr. Kurt Mosetter, a groundbreaking mind in the field of sports rehabilitation.

“He’s just a phenomenal doctor,” said Gavin. “He’s traveled the world to come up with own type of therapy. He’s worked with the best players in the world, and [Chivas USA assistant coach Nick] Theslof knew him. So I’m very lucky that Chivas was able to work out this opportunity for me and I’m very grateful.”

Theslof was as a member of Jürgen Klinsmann’s staff at Bayern Munich and the German National team, and has connections throughout Europe. Fortunately for Chivas USA, one of those connections was with Dr. Mosetter, whose unique treatment seems to be working for Gavin.

“It’s called Myo-Reflex therapy,” said Gavin. “They don’t call them ‘pressure points’, but they push spots in your body that are very tight to release tension. We were even working on my neck and it went all the way down to my calves. It wasn’t just ‘hamstring, hamstring, hamstring’, it was a full body thing… My hips were terrible, my pelvis was over rotated, I had some back issues, and stuff like that. His philosophy is that your muscles are a chain through your body. If one link is weak, it leads to another. So it’s basically about strengthening everything and making your whole body better.”

Now continuing his rehab with Chivas USA, Gavin maintains an open line of communication with Dr. Mosetter. The Red-and-White’s training staff is continuing Mosetter’s work, and trying to get Gavin back on the field as soon as possible. He’s back at training now, but working on the sidelines, running and trying to increase his base level cardio.

“It feels better, I’m definitely getting back,” said Gavin. “It’s just a longer process than I would like. Obviously I want to come back as quickly as I can, but I can’t rush it. I’ve rushed it a lot [in the past]. We’re hoping I’m only about two weeks away.”