POST-GAME QUOTES: Fraser, Conrad Mondaini

Chivas USA Head Coach Robin Fraser

On the result:

Obviously a very disappointing result. I feel like when you play at home you should win, end of story, so we’re disappointed about not winning. But I was very, very encouraged by a lot of the soccer that we saw tonight. I thought that at times, for good portions of the match, we played very good soccer, got into the attacking end. I thought it was difficult for them to handle us as we came forward in waves. I would like to have seen us have a little bit more of a killer instinct in the final third, but I think that’s coming as well. The disappointing this is that I feel like individual mistakes led us to where we are, because for the most part I thought the team played fairly well.

On the play of Marcos Mondaini:

I think Marcos has been getting better since the first day he got here, to be honest. I think you see that he’s an intelligent, crafty, quick player who has been in a number of big games, and I felt like for his first MLS game he was completely unfazed and was a really productive part of our attack.

On the response in the second half:

I think we’re still in the process of finding our identity, finding out who we are. I think sometimes when your back is against the wall and you’ve got nowhere else to go and you can’t look anywhere else, you have to look at yourself and you see what kind of response you get. In the first half I thought we played well, and to give up a goal in the first two minutes and the last two minutes for me was extremely disappointing, because that points more to concentration than anything else. I think the players were extremely disappointed that they were down 2-0 at the half to a team that they felt like they’d outplayed for the majority of the half. So I think it was one of those situations… where they just looked at it and said, you know what, we’re better than what we’re showing, we’re better than what the score says on the scoreboard, and they came out with some urgency and I was proud of the response.

Chivas USA defender Jimmy Conrad

On the match:

I think we shot ourselves in the foot. I think if we eliminated individual mistakes, we’re talking about a pretty good performance by a brand-new Chivas team under Robin Fraser. That’s kind of been the bane of our existence throughout preseason; we play good for 75-80 minutes and we give up one or two mental mistakes and we lose those games, and we fell into that trap again and it’s just unfortunate that we haven’t learned from some of the mistakes that we’ve made.

On how the team looked:

Our spacing is good, our passing is good, it looks like we have purpose, and I think we’re much different than the Chivas team of last year. There’s a sense of pride in what we’re doing and how we’re trying to do it. We scored two in the second half, we maybe could’ve had one or two in the first, but when you give up easy goals, it really starts to deflate your confidence. I thought we showed some good character tonight, it just wasn’t enough in the end.

On scoring in his first game with Chivas:

My mom brought out over 200 people, so to be able to score in front of them, it’s pretty nice, but it would be better to have the win. It was my 20th career goal. I’m averaging like 1.7 a season. I don’t if my math’s right.

Marcos Mondaini, delantero de Chivas USA

Sobre su debut en la MLS:

Contento, muy feliz que esta nueva etapa empieza. Lamentablemente con el sabor amargo de la derrota, no esperábamos esto, menos en casa. Yo creo que en algunos momentos nosotros mismos les hicimos las cosas más fáciles a ellos, y hoy en día, en el futbol mundial, eso se paga, y nosotros lo pagamos.

Sobre lo que tiene que hacer el equipo para ganar el próximo partido:

Obviamente, trabajar fuerte, trabajar duro, como lo venimos haciendo, y corregir detalles que son detalles en lo que ocasiona a ganar o perder el partido.

Sobre ser el primer Argentino en Chivas USA:

Contento, muy contento y muy feliz de estar en esta gran institución, de pertenecer a este equipo y muy orgulloso de ser el primer Argentino en vestir en esta camiseta.