MLS on the verge of goal No. 8,000

The feat could happen during MLS First Kick on Tuesday night

SEATTLE – The old adage says there is no such thing as a bad goal.
This is usually said after the ball goes in off someone’s shin or the back of a player's head.

And though that might be true, there are definitely good
goals. And important goals. Milestone goals.

MLS is on the verge of another milestone goal: the
8,000th goal ever scored in the league.

Right now, the all-time number stands at 7,997, which
means that there’s a chance Fredy Montero or Landon Donovan could hit the
milestone goal during Tuesday’s season-opening match between the Seattle
Sounders and the LA Galaxy (ESPN, 9:30 pm ET).

Or maybe it’ll be someone less heralded, someone who
hasn’t made his name yet. After all, Chris Wondolowski scored the 7,000th goal
in MLS the year before he had his breakout season and won the 2010 Golden Boot.

No matter who it is, MLS fans will have the chance to
become intimately acquainted with the goalscorer. That’s because the league will auction
off the game ball and the game-worn jersey of the player who scores the 8,000th
goal. The auction is being administered by MLS W.O.R.K.S., and the proceeds will be donated to relief efforts in Japan following the devastating earthquake and tsunami.

There is some other interesting info about the previous
milestone goals.

Goalkeeper Scott Garlick, who played 248 games in MLS,
was in the net when three of the previous milestone goals were scored. He
conceded the 2,000th and 3,000th goals while playing for the Tampa Bay Mutiny,
and though he didn’t allow the 4,000th goal, he was the starting keeper for
Colorado when his teammate Mark Chung scored it against the LA Galaxy.

The 2,000th goal was scored by Alex Bunbury in 1999.
Unfortunately, an injury will mean his son, Teal, who is with Sporting Kansas
City, won’t get the chance to score the 8,000th.

So who will?


No. 1000: Sept. 14, 1997 – Columbus’s Thomas Dooley vs.
Kansas City

No. 2000: July 3, 1999 – Kansas City’s Alex Bunbury vs.
Tampa Bay

No. 3000: May 9, 2001 – Los Angeles’s Sasha Victorine
vs. Tampa Bay

No. 4000: June 25, 2003 – Colorado’s Mark Chung vs. Los

No. 5000: Aug. 6, 2005 – Real Salt Lake's Andy Williams
vs. Chivas USA

No. 6000: July 27, 2007 – Houston’s Brian Ching vs. New
England Revolution

No. 7000: May 16, 2009 – Houston’s Chris Wondolowski vs.
New York Red Bulls