Super Bowl Tweet-down into Big Game weekend

Steeler nut Zemanski strikes back; but Pack fan DeMerit has help

Jay DeMerit vs. Ben Zemanski

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Well played, Ben Zemanski.

The Chivas USA midfielder has upped the stakes in Super Bowl Tweet-down with Jay DeMerit as the Big Game gets closer and closer.

Zemanski, Ohio-raised but Pittsburgh-born, has been taking on Green Bay native DeMerit in a contest of trash talk on Twitter all week – and for the most part, looked like he had been getting one-upped by the Vancouver Whitecaps defender.

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That is, until Zemanski threw in the dirtiest words there are in Packerville: Brett Favre. DeMerit hasn’t backed down, and has even dealt in some of his friends from the US national team, such as fellow World Cup veterans Jozy Altidore and Herculez Gomez.

And it’s just gotten more surreal, as the guys have name-dropped “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, Lil Wayne, B.J. Novak from The Office – and insulted each others’ facial hair (and lack thereof).

Be sure to keep following the (friendly?) war of words on Twitter with the hashtag #MLSsoccerbowl. And be sure to follow @D6MERIT and @zmnsk21.

Here are some highlights of the latest Ben vs. Jay banter:

zmnsk21: @D6MERIT At least Aaron Rodgers will still have a job on The Office after the Super Bowl

D6MERIT: @zmnsk21 haha #doppleganger. And Kiesel will finally return to the WWE with his speedo and 2x4.. #hacksawjim

HacksawJDuggan: @D6MERIT @zmnsk21 I never wore a speedo tough guy. Although I do enjoy the comfort of ladies lingerie every now and then. HooOoOoo!

zmnsk21: @D6MERIT "Fear the Beard".. may need a hacksaw to shave that thing

D6MERIT: @zmnsk21 speaking of beards.. Please post a pic of your Steel playoff beard to show your fanaticism.

zmnsk21: @D6MERIT Haha I'm genetically incapable #UnrelatedtoBrettKeisel

D6MERIT: You are not 12yrs old #excuse

zmnsk21: @D6MERIT Best your gonna get out of me is a dirty stash

zmnsk21: @D6MERIT At least Bradshaw never left us to play for the Browns #Favrelookedbetterinavikinghatthanacheesehead

D6MERIT: @zmnsk21 this is one thing ill have to agree with. #exceptforthejersey but it seems Favre might have picked up a few tricks from Big ben :)

zmnsk21: @D6MERIT 2 bad it wasn't Super Bowl rings Favre was pickin up. Big Ben already has double what he's wearin in a 3rd the time

D6MERIT: @zmnsk21 and triple the arrests. He's one win away from the Steel thinking he's a great guy again.

D6MERIT: Big tune from Pack fan Lil Weezy! yeah its a remake, yeah its way better.. @zmnsk21 whos reppin the steel?

herculezg: @D6MERIT ha! That song is hot! Weezy said they're cutting Troy P's hair off! Haha #plzsaydababy

zmnsk21: RT @KevinZemanski: @D6MERIT Lil Wayne seems to be a Steeler fan here #awkward

D6MERIT: @zmnsk21 @KevinZemanski. Its funny, that shirt print actually wraps around the side and says I * PITAS.. I do too. #yumweezy

JozyAltidore17: Steelers gona bring another one home

D6MERIT: @JozyAltidore17 you better check that prediction on the big bowl son! PACK all the way.. #greenandyellowgreenandyellow #weezy

D6MERIT: My two worlds of sport have finally collided.#andtheshirtsponsorrocks @zmnsk21 is ketchup still your sponsor?

zmnsk21: @D6MERIT Not just ketchup... The most popular Heinz. What's your scoreboard do?

D6MERIT: @zmnsk21 My scoreboard had me on it singing "Roll out the barrel" in front of 75,000 at Lambeau #Heinzdidntinviteyouyet?