Practice Report: February 9

Team returns to training after day off

Chivas USA trained Wednesday morning on Field 6, the first of the day’s two sessions. After a warmup, stretching and some running, the remainder of training lasted just under an hour. It was short, but focused throughout.

Coach Fraser led the entire team through a passing drill, emphasizing quick movement off the ball. The drill worked on fitness just as much as passing, with the coaches loudly "encouraging" players to sprint immediately after passing.

The team was then split into three groups; Technical coach Nick Theslof led one group through a passing and finishing drill, while the rest of the team played a possession game. The possession game used small training goals, and the finishing drill used the full size goals with 'keepers.

Second-year midfielder Blair Gavin had one of the highlights of the morning session, smashing a rocket into the top corner from about 20 yards. The wonder-strike slowed the finishing drill for a moment and there were a few audible "ooohs" from nearby players, but it was quickly back to business.

The Red-and-White will continue their preseason training at The Home Depot Center with two more sessions on Thursday, before departing to Arizona on Friday.