Practice Report: February 23

Team focuses on attacking and continues to work on fitness

CARSON, Calif. (February 23, 2011) - Chivas USA trained on field six Wednesday morning in perfect conditions. The beautiful weather was also enjoyed by about 60 fans who were invited to training as part of the Holiday ticket pack.

As has been a theme throughout preseason, fitness was stressed throughout the session. Players dropped to do pushups in the middle of drills, and practice began and ended with running.

For the fans present, one of the highlights of training was a 3 on 2 attacking drill. The coaches set up a 40-yard field with full size goals, and the drill featured back and forth attacking with players quickly switching from attack and defense. It was action-packed stuff, and a chance for the fans to see their favorite players score goals.

For the last part of training, the squad split into four teams, and played small scrimmages in half-fields. Most of the coaching staff got involved in the scrimmages, and it was fun to see Fraser and Vanney anchoring the defense of one team, while goalkeeper coach Daniel Gonzalez minded the net in the other game.

The players enjoyed playing alongside their coaches as well, said Jimmy Conrad.

"We needed some numbers," he said. "Obviously they're legends in this league and potential Hall of Famers. It's good to be able to play with them, and they can kind of coach while they're playing. I don't think they want to be out here all the time because it would remind them how old they are, but they enjoy it. They do all the running with us, so they should be able to play with us too as a reward."

The team will continue to train daily the rest of the week in anticipation of an exhibition match against DC United on Friday at The Home Depot Center. Conrad talked about the importance of preseason scrimmages as a chance for the team to put into play what they’ve been working on in training.

"We're happy to have another game to focus on," he said. "We're still trying to focus on being the best team we can be. We have a pretty good idea of how we’re going to move tactically, so now it's about picking our spots. It's just getting everybody on the same page, speaking the same language, getting used to each other and how we move. Every time we have a game it gives us another opportunity to work that stuff out."