Fraser, pleased with performance

'I think you can see our possession game starting to come together'

Chivas USA vs. Seattle scrimmage

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Chivas USA Communications

Overall thoughts on the first 60 minutes:

I was pretty pleased. I think we’ve shown once again that we’re going to be a difficult team to play against, and I think that’s the first step. Over the first 60 minutes I thought we made it pretty difficult for them to find good opportunities, and I think you can see our possession game starting to come together. There were some really good combinations that led to some half chances, and I think throughout the 60 minutes we were able to create a number of pretty decent chances. I’m just excited that our players are starting to see it and starting to believe in themselves and realize how they can play. Overall it was positive. For sure it was positive – it was another step in the right direction.

On playing a high pressure defense:

The point for us is that we want to win the ball in good spots. We don’t want to win the ball on top of our box or by taking a goal kick. So if we can win the ball higher up the field, we’re going to be able to get to the ball faster. I think they’ve really gotten it, they’ve really grasped it, and I think they worked extremely hard and their cohesion is pretty good and it’ll only get better the more they understand each other.

On Estupiñan playing as a winger:

It’s a learning process for Victor for sure, and a lot is being asked of him that probably hasn’t been asked of him before. So he’s very much in his infancy in terms of being a professional soccer player in the U.S. because the demands, certainly where we’re playing him right now, the demands are probably different than what he’s used. He’s a young player and it’s not all going to be rosy, but I thought over the course of 60 minutes he got better, and is starting to understand his role a bit more. That’s the important thing for us, the progress.

On individual performances:

Really I thought for the most part they all played pretty well. I could go through the whole team and pick out a lot of things that they did well, and I thought overall I just feel really positive about the group. Obviously nobody likes to lose and the result is what it is, but as I’ve said, wins and losses, it’s all about getting the team ready for March 19 and beyond. I think again for us in spite of the score it was a positive day.