Fraser’s First (Preseason) Win

Fraser stresses that the focus is on the build up to March 19th

CARSON, Calif. (February 1, 2011) - After a nine-day training camp in Paso Robles, Chivas USA took to the field Tuesday morning for a preseason scrimmage, beating the Fresno Fuego 2-0. The scrimmage against the PDL team was the Red-and-White's first match of the season. Technically, it was also new coach Robin Fraser's first game in charge of Chivas USA, but he didn't exactly see it that way.

"My first game as a coach is going to be March 19th," he said after the win. "Everything is building up to that point."

The Goats struck once in each half. Both goals were headers coming from crosses during the run of play. Alan Gordon finished the first goal and rookie forward Victor Estupiñan got the second. The goals were well taken, but coach Fraser was focused mainly on the defensive performance.

"The team had a clear-cut objective when they went in," he said. "The goal really was [working on] how we’re going to move defensively, and starting to think and move as a team."

Fraser said he thought the team played well overall, but he stressed it was still an early part of the building process.

"You have to consider the fact that they've actually run more than they've played soccer," said Fraser. "We certainly didn't expect it to be perfect. We saw some really good moments, and some not so good moments. But based on what we've done in this short period of time, we were excited about seeing those really good moments."

Overall, the week in Paso Robles was a big success, according to Fraser. He praised the training facilities, and thanked the owners of the ranch for being extremely accommodating. The Goats' coach also said he was very pleased with the hotel, and the town of Paso Robles.

"It's actually worked out to be as good as it possibly could have been," said Fraser of the trip as a whole. "For us it's been great, and I hope the players have enjoyed it as well. It's been a great setting for us."

The Goats returned to Carson on Tuesday afternoon, immediately following the scrimmage. Though the trip was a success by all accounts, the preseason is just getting started and there is still much work to be done. When asked if there was anything the team still needed to work on over the next few weeks, Fraser was blunt.

"There are a million things, specifically, that we still want to work on," he said. "This is a new team, a new philosophy and new ideas. It's going to take us all of the eight weeks to be ready for March 19th."