Chivas USA & Corona Extra Partnership

Chivas USA executives explain what makes the partnership so special

Rodrigo Morales

Photo Credit: 
Juan Miranda/Chivas USA Communications

Chivas USA's partnership with Corona Extra, officially announced Wednesday night, is a landmark deal for the club and something that everyone within the organization is proud of and excited about. With many people playing a part in the various stages of getting the deal done, Chivas USA Vice President of Marketing and Sponsorship Rodrigo Morales sat down with to explain what makes the partnership so special.

"By far, this is the most significant and most important deal in terms of sponsorships that we have signed in the history of Chivas USA," said Morales. "We are extremely happy, about having these two brands together. We hope that this partnership will be a very meaningful partnership not only for MLS but also for sports marketing in the United States."

Morales was quick to point out that he considers the deal to be a partnership, not a 'sponsorship'. It may seem like a semantics argument, but for Morales it's much deeper than that. He feels that it’s a true partnership because the arrangement will be beneficial to both organizations.

"We don't like to have 'sponsors' in our institution, we have partnerships," he said. "If we work together with Corona in building up a very strong relationship [the deal] will bring credibility, brand awareness and a lot of [Corona Extra's] strengths to our institution. So that's why we chose this strong company, and that's why we believe Chivas USA together with Corona will be a very successful story."

One of the reasons the partnership fits so well is because the two companies have a similar background and history. They are both companies with a strong Mexican heritage and an internationally known name.

"Corona is the most important Mexican brand in the world," said Morales. "Corona has many meanings, but the most important is that it is a very successful Mexican enterprise. It is maybe the most important Mexican company in the U.S."

General Manager of the Red-and-White, Jose Domene, expressed similar thoughts. He believes that Chivas USA is on a similar path as Corona. The name "Chivas" conjures a rich Mexican heritage, and is an internationally known brand. But Chivas USA is trying to find success as an American team, much in the same way as Corona has been adopted as an honorary American beer.

"Corona has a great heritage in Mexico, and America recognizes it as a strong Mexican brand," said Domene. "And then you have Chivas USA with its Chivas de Guadalajara heritage. The U.S. has embraced Corona as its own, and Chivas USA is getting there: people are embracing it as a US brand with great history. So [the partnership] just confirms how strong Chivas USA is getting and will get."

When asked if forming a partnership with such a well-known company added credibility to what Chivas USA was trying to accomplish in their American marketing, Domene didn't quite agree.

"I don’t know if credibility is the word, because we have credibility. I think it adds a punch. It just confirms that Chivas USA is in there for the long run, that we're going to be strong and that we're going to get stronger and stronger each year."