Chivas USA, Corona create a landmark partnership

Night marks a turning point in the club's seven-year history

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Juan Miranda/Chivas USA

CARSON, Calif. (February 17, 2011) - Chivas USA and Corona Extra held a special event on Wednesday night at The Standard, a chic downtown Los Angeles hotel, to celebrate the official announcement of their new partnership, and to debut the 2011 team jersey. The event was attended by executives from both companies, representatives from supporter’s groups, a large collection of media, and other invited guests from around Southern California.

The night officially began with a performance from soccer free-stylers and dancers, who were soon joined on stage by ChivaGirls and players.

The centerpiece of the evening was the revealing of Chivas USA's 2011 Jerseys- with Corona as the presenting sponsor. Jimmy Conrad, Alejandro Moreno, Sergio Arias, Justin Braun and Francisco Mendoza flew in from Arizona to model the new jerseys to the delight of the event goers.

Team President and Co-Owner Antonio Cue spoke passionately about the landmark deal with Corona Extra, saying that it was a special night for Chivas USA, a night which marks a turning point in the team’s seven year history.

"It probably doesn't get any better than this fit," said Cue. "As you know, Corona has been involved in sports for many years, but this is the first time that they're sponsoring a team in the U.S, the toughest and most competitive sports country in the world. It's a big achievement for us [to be that first American team]."

Carlos Uranga, Chief Financial Officer of Grupo Modelo talked about the rich sports history Corona Extra has, sponsoring many teams in Mexico and around the world. He said he was excited to create a partnership with Chivas USA, and to cheers from the crowd said he wished the team well, joking that a championship was part of their deal.

"I would like to wish the team best of luck for this season and the years to come,” said Uranga. “Of course, our expectation for Chivas USA as sponsor is that this team becomes the champion. Nobody goes into a tournament without wanting to be champions. So one of the commitments, Antonio [Cue], is that you need to deliver a championship to us.”

Jim Sabia, Executive Vice President of Marketing for Crown Imports also spoke as part of the presentation. Crown Imports is the company that sells Corona in the United States, and will work with Corona and Chivas USA to create a successful American partnership.

“Corona and Chivas USA are going to do some wonderful things here in the States together,” said Sabia. “When they bring home that championship, we’re all going to raise a Corona.”

Reactions to the 2011 jersey were overwhelmingly positive from officials and fans alike. Jimmy Conrad was especially excited about the sponsorship.

“Now that Corona sponsors our jerseys, that probably makes us the coolest team in MLS,” he said. “I always thought it was the name on the back that mattered, but now I guess it’s the one on the front,” he joked, gesturing to the Corona script on the new jersey.

Overall, the event was a big success; executives from both companies and guests mingled late into evening, celebrating the landmark deal and talking about the exciting future of Chivas USA.