Press conference quote sheet

Chivas USA Head Coach Robin Fraser on coming to the Red and White:

“This is indeed a very special day. I would be remised if I didn’t first acknowledge and thank Real Salt Lake for my opportunity there. Dave Checkets and Jason Kreis gave me an incredible opportunity to reenter the league in a different format that I come from. I also owe a great deal of gratitude to the ownership group and Jose for bringing me to Chivas USA. I’m extremely excited about this opportunity and about the team and where we can take it. I think the owners have a phenomenal vision in terms of where they want this team to go and how hey want it to get there like it was in line perfectly with how I look at the game and how I think it should be. I am extremely excited that Greg Vanney is joining me and we look forward to putting together not only a winning team but a team that everyone here can be extremely proud of the way they play, they way they handle themselves and also in terms in the victories we get.”

 “I think there is a number of very good players here and with some organization and discipline and a different approach. I’m very excited of where it is now because I know where it can be”

It’s not just about going out and finding a good player and having a good year. We’re talking about building something that’s going to be good for a really long time and long-lasting. Regardless of where we are today, I know we’re moving in the right direction.”

On acquiring new players:

“The politically correct and right answer is that we’re always looking for new players. As I’ve said, I think there are good players here but there are some holes that need to be filled and we’re certainly looking at new players. Our search will be wide and extensive; we’re hoping to get players that we want in terms of building a team and having an immediate impact.”

Fraser’s vision for Chivas:

“I’ve never heard a coach hired in this league that didn’t say ‘I’m going to play attractive, attacking soccer’; it’s the tag line everyone says. But there are keys on how to get there, you can’t just wake up and play attractive, attacking soccer. I think a lot of that is building a foundation and teaching players to solve problems on the field. I think that is the biggest thing because a team that can solve problems on the field is a team that’s going to win; they’re going to figure out ways to get forward and score and create goals.

 Fraser’s objectives for Chivas USA:

“In regards to the identity of the team is to make sure this team is a winning team. As I said, this team has an incredible fan base here. We have to win, but we have to win in a way that is pleasing. As a result, as I said, I see us being the type of team that every Chivas USA fan will be proud of, a very thoughtful team in the way we play, we would like to have it where everything makes sense and it has a purpose in everything we do.”

Chivas USA Interim General Manager Jose Domene on Robin Fraser’s appointement as new Head Coach:

“We did a lot of interviews, we talked to a lot of coaches, did a lot reading. I am sure that the man on my right is the right choice. He’s got excellent coaching skills, we know he’s a proven winner, he’s an excellent person. We are sure he’s going to take this franchise to the next level and we’ll win a championship with him”.

On Fraser’s qualities:

“The first quality was leadership skills, he’s a proven leader, he’s very disciplined, he was very disciplined as a player, as he was disciplined as an assistant coach, and he’s a proven winner; he’s won, he’s won in this league. And we needed someone with that skill that knew the league as much as Robin did. So all of these [characteristics] together, we found in Robin the first time we interviewed him.”

On Fraser building a team:

“Ownership and myself, we’re sure we have the right man for this job, first of all. We know that he’s a proven winner; we will have patience with him, of course. We want this to be a long-term relationship, we want Robin here to stay for many, many years. And that’s the plan when we hire a coach. In terms of winning a championship, knowing this league, anything can happen. We are certain Robin can take us there and that’s why we hired him.”

On Fraser’s knowledge of the Red-and-White:

“In terms of the Red-and-White, Robin, since our first interview, we were surprised that he knew so much and understood so much about it. Since then, we’ve talked, he’s shared his thoughts on the Red-and-White and we’ve taught him some more. We’re sure he’s the right coach for this job and he understands what it means to wear the Red-and-White; he’s going to make us all proud, he’s going to work hard not just on the field, but he’s going to make our fans proud. We owe a lot to our fans, they’re with us in good times and bad and Robin understands that.”