Practice Report: January 31

Last full day of training in Paso Robles

PASO ROBLES, Calif. (January 31, 2011) - Chivas USA returned to the secluded Paso Robles training complex this morning, beginning their last full day of training in anticipation of tomorrow’s scrimmage against Fresno Fuego. Watch the video here:

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This morning's session- thankfully dry after yesterday's storm- began at 9:30am. Though it wasn't raining, it was foggy and very cold as the players began warming up.

After the long warm-up and plenty of stretching, the team went through some complex passing drills, focusing on movement off the ball and crisp passing. Coach Fraser stressed the importance of making quality passes, saying it's especially important in the final third, where the quality of the pass can be the difference between a turnover and a goal. The players focused on passing firmly while keeping the ball on the ground.

The team then broke up into groups, and to play small-sided possession games. The games eventually got larger, with half the session using small training goals and the other half using full goals with goalkeepers.

Fitness was a key part of today's session, but it wasn't as big as it has been, because of the match tomorrow morning. The players were happy to do a little less running and a little more work with the ball.

Watch the photo gallery of Monday's practice here.

The Red-and-White will return to the field this afternoon for one last training session in Paso Robles. The match against the Fuego will take place at 10:00 a.m. Tuesday morning, and the team will return back to Carson that afternoon. Stay tuned to the Chivas USA Twitter account (@cdchivasusa) for live updates during the match tomorrow, and as always, is the place to check for photos and match reports.