Practice Report: January 20, 2011

Pre-season camp begins today

CARSON, Calif (Thursday, January 20, 2011) - The long off-season is finally over for Chivas USA players and fans, sort of. Though the first game of the season is not until March 19th [buy tickets here], preseason camp is about to kick off.

The players have been arriving back in the area throughout the last few days, driving or flying in from around the country. Most of the guys are moving back into their season homes and apartments, but others have less permanent solutions for now. Rookie Zarek Valentin (@zarekValentin02) tweeted yesterday that he’s checked into a hotel for the next twenty-one days. We hope it’s a nice hotel!

The players won’t take to the field until Friday morning, but all members of the Red-and-White will undergo team physicals this afternoon.

Doctors will put all the players through tests not unlike a routine check-up for you and I, only much more thorough. The objective is to make sure the players are healthy, and that their bodies can hold up through a long and challenging season.

The testing will be held off-site in Santa Monica, at 5:30pm. These preseason physicals will be the first team function of 2011, and a great chance to get all the players and coaching staff together for the first time.

After getting the physicals out of the way, the training camp will really begin in earnest. Tomorrow morning the entire team will report to the Home Depot Center for training, and the 2011 season will finally be underway.

Make sure to follow @cdchivasusa on twitter for live updates and maybe even some photos this evening.