Practice Report: Jan. 24

Endurance work in Paso Robles

practice report paso robles

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Chivas USA Communications

PASO ROBLES, Calif. After Sunday’s arrival at Paso Robles and a brief training session, Chivas USA players practiced on Monday in a training session that began with a brief section of technical drills before engaging in especially hard endurance work during the second half of practice.

Monday’s practice started with Assistant Coach Greg Vanney conducting technical skills, focused primarily on short but precise passes. Then the fitness part came, with players running six times through a three minute obstacle course with constant changes in direction.

“These runs help them get used to change of speed and direction that is needed during a game,” said Strength and Conditioning Coach Jim Liston. “The next two weeks will be like that. There’ll be longer runs but always will contain change of direction and phase.”

Chivas USA is training in double sessions, with an afternoon practice session focused on technical drills and less fitness work.

For a photo gallery of the morning training session, click here.

“It’s a lot of hard work,” confirmed midfielder Michael Lahoud. “Right now we are doing a lot of endurance work to build a solid base before we go into another phase of training. It’s better to put all the hard work and see the rewards once the season starts.”

Players and coaching staff will spend about nine days in Paso Robles, Calif. during the first phase of preseason. Paso Robles is in the coastal mountain range of central California and is a rural community of 29,950 residents. 

 “It’s very secluded so when we come here it’s all about business, which is what preseason is very much about,” said Lahoud.