Practice Report 1-25-11

More endurance work at Paso Robles, Calif.

Paso Robles training camp

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Chivas USA Communications

PASO ROBLES, Calif.- Chivas USA had only one training session on Tuesday, the third day of the nine-day preseason at Paso Robles, Calif. Tuesday’s practice continued the endurance phase of preseason, and like Monday, it began with passing technique and three-minute or longer drills, focusing on recovery runs and local muscular endurance.

Soon, the team will go into a second phase of preseason training where the intensity will increase from moderate to high, in preparation for the third and last phase of the preseason, which is the competition phase.

Players will return to double sessions on Wednesday and Thursday, and will have the day off on Friday.

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“It’s being great for the whole team to be here. We are definitely going to be a fit side. The attitude has been great towards the work load. Everybody is trying to get fit, we all are trying to start the season the right way,” said defender Ante Jazic.

“This place is perfect for training camp, secluded, nice clean fresh air, lots of space to run and the hotel accommodation is nice so on the whole it’s a nice location,” he added.