Where were you for the 1994 World Cup?

cdchivasusa.com checks in with the Chivas USA front office

1994 World Cup - Rose Bowl

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With the U.S. hosting the 2022 World Cup, cdchivasusa.com looked back at the first time the tournament was held in this country. It has been 16 years, but the memories have not faded, at least for the Chivas USA front office staff.

“I went to one game and it was Bolivia vs. South Korea at Foxborough Stadium, which is generally accepted as the worst game of the 1994 World Cup. It was a zero-zero tie and terribly played. I remember at one point the Korean goalkeeper was trying to distribute the ball to one of his defenders and basically rolled it to a Bolivian forward, who still couldn’t score. Then, when I went to my first New England Revolution game two years later no one scored until overtime and I thought that I was destined never to see a goal in a soccer game.”
–David Lindholm, Communications Manager

“The Irish players were having a hard time with the heat in Orlando. They had to bring water over to the players every five minutes because us Irish people aren’t used to the heat. I was back in Ireland watching at the time, at my mom and dad’s house.”
– Aiden Mannion, Account Executive

“I went to the Cameroon-Sweden game at the Rose Bowl, and I will never forget that a third of the crowd was actively rooting for Sweden; they were all blonde and painted yellow. A third of the crowd was cheering for Cameroon, banging on drums and very loud, while a third of the crowd had no idea who to root for. It was 90,000 people in the Rose Bowl, I went with my dad, and it was just very fun.”
–Phil Wallace, Consultant

“I remember that the first game was at noon, and I was listening to it at recess. I was barely here from Mexico, and I used to carry my portable radio to school with me and use headphones to listen to the games. The afternoon of the first game was also actually the O.J. Simpson car chase, so it was a very unforgettable day. I think that was the first real World Cup that I enjoyed from first to finish, and I remember thinking, ‘I hope this World Cup never ends, I hope that every day is like this.’”
–Eduard Cauich, Communications Senior Manager

“I was working for ADIDAS during the World Cup in 1994, and they were in charge of the New Jersey venue for hospitality, promotion and retail. I got to go up to Boston for a game, down to D.C. for a game and I was at all of the games in Jersey including the Italy-Ireland game to open it up. It was about 200 degrees out but the energy was unbelievable.”
–Stephen Hamilton, Vice President of Soccer Operations

“I was ten and in love with the Romanian National team. I saw the U.S. play Romania with my dad, which was amazing even though my seats were approximately a mile from the field. I also remember that my team was travelling for tournaments, so I was completely obsessed with finding pins and Pogs at the tables outside the stadium to take with me and trade to the other teams. A gold 1994 World Cup slammer was my prized possession that summer.”
–Melody Manhoff, Digital Content Manager

“I must have had my picture taken a hundred times at the Bolivia vs. South Korea game because I was completely dressed up in Bolivian gear and my face was painted. All these Bolivian fans wanted to take a picture with me, because I was a small red-headed child who was very clearly not Bolivian.”
–David Lindholm, Communications Manager

“I went to the Colombia-Romania game and everyone was wearing yellow because both teams were yellow. There were 90,000 people all wearing yellow and I thought that everyone was cheering for the Colombian National Team. I had been to baseball and basketball games, but to have all those people cheering for soccer was just an amazing, unique experience.”
–Luis Gaitan, Guest Relations Manager

“In 1994 instead of being here when the World Cup was here, I was actually backpacking through Europe and spent the entire time watching games with European fans. I was 6,000 miles away when the World Cup came to my backyard, but it was a great experience.”
–Keith Herbers, Director of Corporate Sponsorships

What do you remember from the 1994 World Cup? Where were you? Tell us your story below!