Lahoud's first single a surprising success

Aspiring musician surprised by reception to his first song

It’s been only a few short days since Michael Lahoud burst onto the scene as a rapper, singer, and producer for his first song available to the public, “Livin’ the Life,” which also features teammates Chukwudi Chijindu and Justin Braun.

A video featuring a ‘making-of’ Lahoud’s first single appeared on on Wednesday, and traffic quickly flooded the site as fans, of soccer and music alike, gave a listen to the Chivas USA midfielder’s secret talent. In the days since the videos went live, Lahoud has received plenty of feedback for his work. Was he ready for such an outpouring?

“I actually didn’t know the video had come out,” Lahoud admitted on Friday after a visit to The Home Depot Center to train. “Last time I talked to Juan [Paz, Chivas USA’s video coordinator], he was in the process of putting everything together. Then I got home like two days ago, and I looked at my e-mail and it was just going crazy.”

Listen to the song:

“I got an e-mail from a Chivas USA fan and he wrote ‘Hey, I loved the song – keep up the good work!’ and I thought ‘what is he talking about? How does he know about that?’ Because we hadn’t really told anyone, even our closest friends. It was just the three of us that knew about it and obviously Jo [Ankier, Chivas USA reporter] and Juan.”

Lahoud said he’s heard from many friends, who have gotten in touch via e-mail and Facebook, and the vast majority have given a positive reception to the song.

“That whole day I was looking at the comments here and there and I was very surprised, it was very gratifying and very encouraging as well to see the positive response from people. Even from some people who I thought weren’t going to be positive towards the song and the idea of it, but stuff like that is what keeps you going. It’s a good feeling.”

Currently, Lahoud is back in Los Angeles and working with Chukwudi Chijindu on his next song. Though the reception to his first effort was unexpected, the Virginia native is excited to continue building his music.

“We’re actually working on our next song,” said Lahoud. “We can’t give too much away on the theme and what not, but we’re really excited about it. Coming up with the ideas and lyrics is the easiest part. Fortunately, we’ve already done that and it’s in the next phase, so we’re going to have it finished soon.”

While Lahoud loves making music, he knows that it is just a side project from him, something to “find that balance in life, off the field.” But he’s actually in Los Angeles currently, away from his family on the East Coast, because he feels the need to focus on preparing for the 2011 season.

“I’m actually back to do some fitness and soccer stuff with Nick [Theslof] and the other coaches, because if I make that investment in myself, it’s making an investment on the team as well. So, I’m here for business, for my day job. Music is just a side gig that we’re having fun with.”

Speaking of the team, he also noted that some of his teammates had also heard the song.

“A couple of guys on the team always hear me sing in the shower, so they always joked around how we should do a video or make a song,” Lahoud said. Now that they’ve heard the result, “I’ve gotten some jokes from teammates but for the most part they’ve even been supportive of it. I was surprised.”

Now that everyone has heard his first effort, maybe fans and teammates will be a little less surprised with Lahoud, Chijindu and Braun’s next effort.