Conrad: One of the Best Christmases

The new Chivas USA defender is proud to wear the Red-and-White jersey

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Carson, Calif. (Thursday, December 23, 2010) Chivas USA signed on Thursday defender Jimmy Conrad for the 2011 MLS Season. Conrad is one of the best defenders in all of Major League Soccer. His honors include being named captain of the U.S. Men's National Team, playing in the 2006 World Cup, being named MLS Defender of the Year, and has received five selections to the MLS All-Star team. talked to Conrad about his signing with Chivas USA and he said that he’s excited to be back and that he’ll spend one of his best Christmases ever, coming back home to Southern California. Jimmy, how do you feel about coming to Chivas USA?

JC: It’s truly an honor to be part of the Chivas family. I look forward to making this club as recognizable in MLS as Chivas Guadalajara is in Mexico. How did you receive the news during the Re-Entry Draft?

JC: I saw it over the internet that I got selected. I got a phone call from Jose (Domene) and Stephen (Hamilton). They welcomed me to the team and told me about how I was going to become part of the success in the future and I was excited to come to an organization with so much history behind the name. I think we have a lot to work towards, a lot to build on, but I think there are big pieces in place so that we can be successful next year. What are your personal goals at Chivas USA?

JC: The first is to get into the Playoffs. My main goal is that, in the course of my contract, to make this a successful team around the league, on and off the field, and making a difference in the community. I want to make sure that everybody is happy to be part of the Chivas USA family, like I am. Are you happy to be back in Southern California?

JC: Of course. This is where I’m from. Born and raised in Southern California. To be able to wear the Red-and-White means a lot. It’s great to be able to play in front of my friends and family, in front of Chivas fans. I look forward to make them proud on and off the field. I look forward to turn things around. Are you looking forward to the rivalry against the LA Galaxy on SuperClásicos?

JC: In Kansas City we never had a true rival. We didn’t know if it was Chicago, D.C., or Dallas, nobody thought we were their rival. To come to Chivas, where they have a great rivalry with the Galaxy it’s going to be fun, to be able to fight for bragging rights in LA means a lot. I can’t wait to get started. How would you describe your time at Kansas City?

JC: I would say that I had a lot of fun in eight years. We didn’t have as much success as I would want to. I think we made the playoffs four out of my eight years and I lost a lot games due to the National Team or injury but I like to think that I played a part of making soccer big in Kansas City, but my heart is with Chivas and just want to bring this city success, in front of my family and friends. What are your plans for the next few weeks before preseason starts?

JC: Basically I need to find a place to live. I have a young daughter, so I need to find a place where there’s a good school and obviously train and keep myself fit and make sure that we are ready once it’s time to go. I’m also going to learn Spanish, I’m committed to learn Spanish and conduct interviews for the team both in English and Spanish. I know the fan base is primarily Latino, of course we want everybody to be fan of Chivas, but I know they have a really strong and passionate Latino fan base so it will be good to learn Spanish and be able to speak fluently. Any plans for the Holidays?

JCL: Spend it with my family. This will be probably one of the best Christmases we’ll ever have. I get to come home and play in front of them in the next few years. It’s a very exciting time for my wife and I. We are very excited to come home and be playing for the Red-and-White. Are you friends with any of the Chivas USA players?

JC: I’ve known Zach Thornton for a long time, Alejandro Moreno, Justin Braun, Alan Gordon, Ante Jazic, Dan Kennedy. I’m familiar with a good portion of the guys. I think we are going to have a pretty good locker room and hopefully that’ll translate into success on the field. Any words for Chivas USA fans?

JC: I’ve got a lot of support via Twitter and Facebook. I just want to make sure that the team has performances next year that fans are proud of. Like I said, I know that last year it was a difficult year, but hopefully I can come here and make a difference and put some smiles in their faces.