Practice Report: November 11

Fans turn out to watch Chivas USA practice

November 11, 2010 Practice: Season Seat Holders and Fans

Photo Credit: 
Anette Padilla/Chivas USA

USA practiced on a beautiful Thursday morning at The Home Depot Center,
and went through its paces in front of a crowd of the team’s fans who
had been invited out to the training session. A large group – numbering
into the hundreds – was treated to one of the more fun practices of the
season, as the players split into small groups and had a heated, but
good-natured, competition.

goal of this week’s training sessions, according to the players, is to
stay in shape while enjoying their time on the field. With no upcoming
matches, these practices give the players a chance to play
backyard-style games, having a good time while sharpening some skills.

goal] is to go out and have some fun,” said forward Justin Braun. “This
week, the coaches wanted us to go out there and just play, enjoy
ourselves and get that back.”

a brief warm-up, Thursday’s entire session was dedicated to a crossing
and finishing drill. All the players on the field were having a good
time competing against each other, and the players on the sideline
either rehabbing injuries or taking some time to recover were providing
encouragement (and the occasional trash-talk) to their teammates.

the session, all the players went to the sidelines and signed
autographs for more than 20 minutes, chatting and taking photos with the

The Red-and-White train again tomorrow, and then next week from Monday to Friday before breaking for the offseason.