Gavin Not Letting Injury Keep Him Down

Chivas USA rookie is working to rehab a hamstring injury that kept him sidelined for the last t

After the Goats 2010 campaign ended, the players were given two weeks of vacation before returning to The Home Depot Center this week for daily training sessions. For rookie Blair Gavin however, it wasn’t much of a vacation.  He simply continued to do what he has been doing for the last few months: working to fully recover from a nagging hamstring injury.

“I’ve been doing a lot of rehab,” he said after Wednesday’s training.  “I’m just trying to get the hamstring better, and trying to figure things out mechanically.”

The 21-year-old midfielder missed the final third of the season after suffering a hamstring injury in early August.  As with all hamstring injuries, Gavin must find the right balance of working hard on his rehab but avoiding pushing too hard or moving too fast, lest he risk re-injuring the muscle. 

“I’m progressing along,” said Gavin. 

While the rest of the team went through a light training session, Gavin continued to work on strength training.  After doing focused work inside The Home Depot Center, he came out to the practice field shortly after training began, continuing his rehab closer to his teammates. Gavin enjoyed training alongside the rest of the club, chatting and joking with his teammates throughout practice. 

While most of the players went through a series of 8v8 scrimmages, Gavin ran lap after lap around the practice field for at least an hour, gradually increasing his speed. While normally this would be mundane work, Gavin was smiling throughout; after a stretch on the sidelines, running pain-free laps around the field was a welcome step. 

Though he is happy with the way rehab is going, and enjoys being around the team, Gavin is looking forward to a true vacation. 

“For Thanksgiving I’m going to go home to Kentucky, to spend time with my family” he said.  “It will be a chance to mentally get away from soccer for a little while, to just relax, and enjoy time with my family and friends.”