Chivas USA continues coaching search

Hamilton starting interviews “in the next few days”

Stephen Hamilton

Photo Credit: 
Chivas USA

Almost a week has passed since Chivas USA relieved Martín Vásquez of his position, and the search for the team’s next head coach is in full force. Spearheading the search is Stephen Hamilton, the club’s Vice President of Soccer Operations, who is tasked with sifting through all the résumés and finding the best man for the job.

Hamilton has been incredibly busy for the last six days, fielding calls from interested candidates from all corners. Now the process of narrowing the number of candidates has begun.

“We received a tremendous amount of interest from coaches, both with MLS and international ties,” said Hamilton to on Wednesday. “We’ve discussed internally the characteristics that we’re looking for, and our expectations for the person who gets the job. We’ve been reviewing resumes and we’ll be starting the interview process in the next few days.”

Finding the right person for the job is a difficult process, and requires Hamilton to analyze applicants from a number of different perspectives. The head coach will have to balance a number of aspects of the job, and qualified candidates will have a wide range of different backgrounds.

“We understand that each candidate will have individual strengths and weaknesses,” said Hamilton. “Different guys bring different attributes, and that’s what makes it so difficult.”

As Hamilton begins the interview process, he is looking for a number of things from each of the candidates he will talk to. He’ll ask about what their plans would be for the first team, ranging on everything from the current roster, potential new players, tactics, how they’d run training sessions, and how they’d scout leagues from the NCAA to Latin America.

“I want to pick their brain on how they’d run the first team,” said Hamilton. “We’re trying to see who would be the best fit.”