Quotables: Chivas USA and Toronto FC players and coaches sound off

"It doesn’t matter if [goals] come in the 95th minute, as long as they come. So first minute, 9

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Juan Miranda/Chivas USA

Chivas USA Head Coach Martín Vásquez

On there being less pressure now that the club is out of the playoff chase:

We have come out with the same approach. I didn’t feel like we were tense or nervous in the games we were playing for a playoff spot, or to have the opportunity to get in the playoffs. I felt that wasn’t the case, but second half tonight, very pleased. Mainly because we asked our guys to play for the jersey, to play for our fans, to play for our pride and they responded, so I’m very pleased with that.

On what he’s seen of Jorge Flores:

He’s been working. There was a time when he fell behind. He kept working, he kept showing well in practice consistently. In 11v11 intra-squad [scrimmages] he kept being effective for the non-starters, and I think when somebody is consistent in practice, he deserves playing time. Last game against the Galaxy he gave us life in the second half, he gave us a great boost, and tonight he gets the first goal. So good for him, and we have to reward him.

On getting a late goal:

It doesn’t matter if they come in the 95th minute, as long as they come. So first minute, 95th minute, we’ll take them.

Chivas USA defender Jonathan Bornstein:

On the match:

I thought we were organized as a team for the most part. Defensively, we limited their chances, and we gave up a couple of opportunities that could have turned into other things, may be luck was in our side a little bit. For the most part, we played as a team and everyone put in the good effort.

Chivas USA midfielder Jorge Flores:

On the match:

It feels good to score again. We need to keep working hard. I think the team did a good job today and worked hard the whole 90 minutes and it paid off and we have three points, we have to keep working hard these three games that we have left to keep winning and keep the same mentality.

On playing in the midfield:

You always have to work hard and keep making a good impression. I’m happy playing left back or left mid, I can play both positions, I like to play in the middle because I can have more chances to score. Bornstein always helps me a lot in the midfield.

Toronto FC Interim Head Coach Nick Dasovic

On the missed chances:

What are you going to say. We work on the pitch, tactically how we’re going to get in behind teams, how we’re going to pressure them, whatever it is, we work on it. And we don’t do it for no reason. You see by the way they play, they get in behind, they get chances. Unfortunately we can’t go in and help them score goals, it’s one of those ones where they’ve got to be confident and they weren’t today. Unfortunately we didn’t finish the chances we had, Chivas came in the second half and… scored, to me, a very easy goal. We have to work so hard for our goals. It’s so hard. And other teams just come in and say ‘thank you’, and that’s the disappointing part. But it is what it is. We’ve got to keep working, heads up, and we’ve got two more games left.

On figuring out the team’s problems:

Come October 24th, the day after the D.C. game, we’re going to sit down, we’re going to decompress, we’re going to go through everything; why, when, how, and we’re going to come up with answers. Then we’ll see who comes in as a coach or as a G.M., or if I get the job or we’ll see what happens, and we’ll move forward. But we’ve got to move forward with a vision and philosophy that we all believe in, that we all trust in, and we want to make Toronto a place to attract people to play. Not just an MLS city, but we want people to play for this club, enjoy this city, and be part of it.

Toronto FC forward Dwayne De Rosario

On finding out right before the game that San Jose had won, eliminating Toronto from the playoffs:

It shouldn’t really affect us. We still have to go and play as professionals and get a result. For me it was extremely, extremely disappointing. But we still had to go out there and get the job done and get a win as professionals, and we didn’t do that tonight.

On the team’s effort and fight, results aside:

We went in there with the mentality to go and get a result. We did have chances that we should have clearly finished but we didn’t. We got punished for not finishing our chances.

On finding motivation before the game:

As a competitor you still want to win, regardless of what the situation is. It doesn’t matter if it’s training, or if it’s you and your friends playing in a parking lot, you just have to have the mentality of always wanting to win.

Toronto FC goalkeeper Stefan Frei:

On working with Dasovic:

I’m very comfortable with [Dasovic]. He does a very good job. He’s been thrown into a difficult situation: trying to save the season with guys that aren’t his guys, and who haven’t really been playing with his mentality for the majority of the season. But he knows the game… he’s been a player obviously, and he has the respect of the locker room. Considering the tough situation he’s been thrown into, I think he’s done a phenomenal job. Ultimately, it’s us that play on the weekends, and we’re the ones that need to get the results, and put in the work, and we haven’t been able to do that.

On the frustration of another tough game with bad bounces:

Yeah, it’s frustrating. It’s kind of like our season summed up: missed opportunities for us and decent effort, but just not bouncing our way. Then there were mental breakdowns on the goals, mine including. On the second one, I had to do a lot better personally there. We’re trying really hard, but it’s just not clicking. Mentality wise, something needs to change. I don’t know what it is. If I knew what it was, maybe I could help fix it, but you can’t really put the finger on it. It’s tough right now.

On being a leader on and off the pitch:

I’m a winner. I hate losing, I really do. I don’t care about my personal stats at all. I would give up any of that. I could care less if we get scored on five times a game as long as we score six. But that’s not happening for us. I’m trying to do anything in my power to right the ship, even if that means I have to step a little bit out of my character.