Practice Report: October 8

Shadow Play, Jazic confident in facing Santos, Bornstein emotional

Jonathan Bornstein being interviewed

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Chivas USA

Practice Breakdown

It was a cool and sunny Friday morning as Chivas USA held their final practice before their match against Toronto FC Saturday night.  After a light warm-up, the team went through some short passing drills, focusing on making crisp passes and getting lots of touches. 

Coach Vasquez then ran the team through a ‘shadow play’ drill.  The reserves simulated Toronto’s probable starting eleven, and the coaches set up certain situations to walk through the game plan for tomorrow’s match. 

Backup goalkeeper Kevin Guppy stepped out of net to play the role of Toronto’s long-throw specialist Dan Gargan.  Guppy hurled dangerous balls into the penalty area as Zach Thornton and his defense worked on their positioning and communication.  

Ante Jazic on Maicon’s return

After practice, Ante Jazic spoke about the return of former Chivas USA striker Maicon Santos to The Home Depot Center, albeit this time on the opposing team.  Having played against him in training throughout last season, Jazic was confident he knew some of his former teammate’s tendencies.

“Maicon is obviously a talented player, physically very strong and technically gifted,” said Jazic.  “He is definitely one of their threats up top.”

“For me personally, it’s important not to let him get too close where he can use his strength and turn on me,” Jazic explained. “We know he’s predominantly left footed, so I’ll try to keep him away from his left foot and push him to his right side as much as possible.”

Bornstein on the Emotions of the Remaining Games

With only four games left in his Chivas USA career, at least for now, Jonathan Bornstein spoke about the emotions that are beginning to settle in.  He said on the outside it is business as usual, but internally, these last few games are a bit different. 

“I’ll probably start to get more emotional as it gets closer to that last game,” said Bornstein.  “It’ll really hit me when my entire family is asking for tickets to see me one last time before I go.”

Bornstein admits though preparing to play in his second-to-last home game might be a change, his focus is remains unwaveringly targeted on one objective.

“More than anything, I’m just focusing on winning,” he said.  “I’m trying to cherish every moment now while I can, but it’s important to go out on a good note, with good memories.”