Practice Report: October 19

Thunder, lightning and a plane ride cut training a little short

Practice Report October 11

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Chivas USA

With the threat of rain looming, Chivas USA trained Tuesday morning on the Home Depot Center’s turf practice field.  Though thunder boomed ominously and lightning was visible on the horizon, the rain held off just long enough for the team to get in a short session before heading to the airport for a flight to San Jose.

After a warmup, Coach Vasquez split the squad into to teams of eleven to play a half-field game.  Special crossing zones were set up on each sideline, and players took turns acting as designated wingers.  The wingers were confined to the outside zones and could only send in crosses. 

The focus on crossing is something the team has been working on throughout the season, said forward Justin Braun.

“That’s something we’ve been trying to do all year,” Braun said.  “We’ve been getting better with it, but we just want to keep working on [crossing], and make sure we are sharp for tomorrow.”

The practice ended with a long stretching session to help the players avoid getting tight muscles during this afternoon’s plane ride. 

Justin Braun said he is feeling much better this week, and hopes to play some part in the match tomorrow.  After practice, Braun also spoke about facing the Earthquakes, who recently clinched a playoff spot.

“They’re definitely a quality team,” he said.  “They’ll be looking to get a higher seed in the playoffs, so they are going to come out strong.  But I think we have prepared really well this week, so hopefully we can go up there and get three points.”