A Friend to All: Shadowing Galo Galvan

With Chivas since 2007, Galo knows everyone at The Home Depot Center

Galo Galvan

Photo Credit: 
Juan Miranda/Chivas USA

You may not have met Account Executive Galo Galvan yet, but Chivas USA fans would like that to change. When asked who cdchivasuasa.com should shadow next, an overwhelming majority voted for Galo.  We listened, and on Saturday night for Chivas USA vs. Toronto FC, cdchivasusa.com shadowed Galo as he went about his routine.

A few hours before Saturday’s game began, Galo took a moment to relax.  “This is the calm before the storm,” he laughed.  Soon, he was in his office to check emails, answer phone calls, and make sure everything was going as planned for the evening’s tours and match. 

On a busy night, Galo might lead three stadium tours of up to twenty guests each.  These tours are available to all season ticket holders at no charge, though Galo recommends making a reservation well in advance because they fill up quickly.

As Galo led Saturday’s first tour through ChivaTown, he stopped to point out the customer service booth. He told the tour that the booth was the place to go with any questions and concerns.  “But you all have my cell,” Galo added.  “You can just call me!”

Down in the bowels of the Home Depot Center, the night’s first tour was stopped to allow the Toronto FC players to pass by on their way to the visiting locker room.  Forty-five minutes later, the second tour was stopped by the Chiva Girls passing through the same hallway.  Both encounters were exciting for the tour goers, and a great way for these fans to experience what goes on behind-the-scenes before a game.

Each tour Galo leads is different.  For example, on the non-game day tours, he’s able to bring the groups into the locker rooms and other areas that are closed on match nights.  He also adds unique personal touches to each tour; this is what keeps people coming back.  Some of his season ticket holders have been on the tour three or four times already this season.

On game days, Galo’s phone is constantly ringing.  Fans call him with requests and needs, and the calls get more and more frequent as kickoff nears.  After one such phone call on Saturday, Galo the tour on the field and literally sprinted away.  He returned five minutes later, grinning, and pointed out some of his youngest season ticket holders, who were now on the field.  Thanks to some last minute arrangements, Galo was able to get them in to the pregame “High-Five Line.”

After his tours, Galo gets a chance to relax in the office.  But he’s always doing something.  On Saturday, he worked on gift bags to thank those who had been on the day’s tours.  He took his time working on a special present for birthday girl Ellie Luna, enclosing an autographed picture of Jorge Flores in her bag. 

Galo spends the majority of the games walking around the stadium and stopping to talk with his season seat holders and their guests.  He greets everyone like an old friend and prides himself on being approachable. Some of his season ticket holders just want to catch up; some share concerns or ideas with him.  Later, he will bring their thoughts to the front office. 

“We go out of our way to take care of our season seat holders,” he said.  “I love surprising people and going above and beyond their expectations.”

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