Everything to Everyone: Shadowing Julie Castro

Guest Relations Specialist works hard to ensure a pleasurable experience

Jule Castro

Photo Credit: 
Daniel Amaya

the scenes of ChivaTown, one woman works to ensure that guests have the
best experience possible. This Chivas USA staffer of three years and
Wonder Woman of sorts is Julie Castro, Guest Relations Specialist.
Cdchivasusa.com shadowed Julie on Sunday October 3 for Chivas USA game
vs. LA Galaxy.  

hours before the game, Julie is in the office answering phones to
arrange last minute ticket purchases, answer questions and give
directions to the stadium. Before ChivaTown opens she heads over to the
Game Day Experiences Check-in Tent to help her fellow staffers organize
all the fans participating in the pre-game experiences (click here for
more information on Game Day Experiences
). Walking towards the tent,
she joked, “Get ready for a lot of yelling and running around.”

helps each group check-in and gives each participant a wristband. This
is where it gets chaotic because groups often check-in before all
members are there or they are unsure of where they are supposed to be.
Once everyone has checked in, Julie walks amongst the crowd, checking
for wristbands, telling parents to where their kids will be escorted
and making sure fans know what they may bring with them to the field.

escorting fans down to the tunnel through which they will enter the
field, Julie once again checks wristbands and names, making sure her
entire group is together. As everyone waits to walk out on the field,
Julie organizes fans and scrutinizes details, down to the height order
(shortest to tallest) of the player’s escorts.  

soon as all game day experience participants are off the field and the
game begins, Julie heads up to the Guest Relations tent in ChivaTown.
There, she answers any questions fans may have and takes care of any
complaints from guests.

so often fans are unhappy with their seat location, either because of
sight lines or that they were not aware of the passion and loud
chanting of Chivas USA’s Supporters Groups. Wanting the fans to have
the best experience possible, Julie assesses the situation and moves
any guest that she can to ensure everyone has a great time.

Sunday’s game, there was a player autograph session so Julie headed to
a suite to help facilitate Ben Zemanski’s meet-and-greet. A few fans at
a time were allowed into the suite and Julie was there to help take
pictures and make sure everything went smoothly. An hour or so later
Julie finally headed down to the offices to finish up her day. Trying
to please so many people takes patience, but if you’ve seen her in
action you know that Julie truly lives up to her title of Guest
Relations Specialist.

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