Quotables: Chivas and Colorado players and coaches sound off

Vasquez: "They got the momentum... we could not shake it off”

Chivas USA Head Coach Martin Vasquez

On objective of game and general overall on game…

“We had to control
the possession tonight. We are coming from playing on Sunday and then
traveling to Seattle to play on turf on Wednesday and then to come
here. The plan was to keep possession. We could have a couple more
chances in the first half better. The first goal though mentally
affected us. We could not shake it off and then Colorado was better
than us after the first goal. They got the momentum from the first
goal, we could not shake it off and then they finished the game.”

On second half play and moving on from tonight…

“We were hoping to
play in the midfield like we did in the first half of this game. They
made adjustments obviously, but we had numbers and we were moving the
ball well. We did not close down on the first shot from (Cummings) hard
enough and then it was one of those shots that either was impacted from
the altitude or if he hit it solid, Zach (Thornton) could not hold on
to it and then our defenders did not react to the ball quickly and that
was the difference. That changed the game completely. We were warming
up some guys to give us more of a punch up top but then the mental
weight on our shoulders was too heavy to come back. Then Colorado
closed the game down like they should have. In the second half I
thought that the objective was to continue what were we doing and we
were going to make a run or a push in the last twenty-five minutes of
the game, but we could not connect at times because of solid defending
from Colorado and others because of the fact that we were not sharp.
When that happens your chances are not very high for a good result.
This is going to be a tough game to regroup from but we will and look
forward to next Friday.”

Chivas USA DEF Mariano Trujillo

General thoughts on game….

“We played okay in
the first half. We kept good possession of the ball and we had some
chances. I think that we controlled the game in the first half very
well. But in the second half we made a lot of mistakes. We were not
able to control the game in second half. We could not keep the ball. We
were losing the ball right away and we got tired. They capitalized
their chances. “

The overall goal of the team for the remaining eight games…

“We have to win
the next eight games. We still have a chance to make it to the playoffs
if we win. It is not just about us, we have to our jobs, which is to
win the next eight games.”

Rapids Head Coach Gary Smith

On the team’s second straight 3-0 home victory…

“I think the
challenge has always been to make these last home games as productive
as we could. Our form at home before this had been a little erratic. I
still felt we played quite well and looked fluid, we were creating
chances but were not as clinical in front of goal that we could have
been and what you see now is a group of players that are confident with
each other with the way that they are playing. They found the back of
the net last week and found out that they liked it. This week they have
gone out and done exactly the same.”

On the team’s form as the season is closing…

“I think that is a
very American phrase- working towards the playoffs. Your form is either
good or bad. You finish the season well and you feel confident about
yourself. I think the way all of the guys would have liked it is play
well at home, look as effective as we do now at home, be as goal
threatening as we are now at home and know that we have another four
home games to come with some tough away game in between that we can
come back here and make this place a real difficult run-in for anyone
that is coming here.”

“Eight games to
go. My prediction was four wins (when we had 10 games left), we need
two more. You keep ticking them off, but I think I also said somewhere
that we have to look above us as well. We can’t just look at the teams
below us. Of course there is a magic number that gets us in (the
playoffs). Honestly, I think this group is better than just getting in
(to the playoffs). If we just scrape in, we might not have done
ourselves a true justice. So tonight everyone will be happy and wake up
in the morning confident again and rightfully so. It has been a great

Rapids FWD Omar Cummings

On the game and changing shoes at halftime leading to two second half goals…

“I didn’t think we
played well the first half, especially me. My touches were bad and off
a little bit. So going into the second half, I thought why not change
(my shoes). Change my attitude and be more aggressive, take some shots
and try to score some goals.”

 On his play with Conor Casey the past two weeks…

“The past two
weeks, we have been playing closer and using two strikers in a 4-4-2
formation. We enjoy playing with each other. We honestly missed having
that relationship (when we were playing a 4-5-1), so it is good to have
it back and get going again for these last two games has been great.”