Fan Chatter from the 2010 ChivaClásico asked fans at halftime about the 2010 ChivaClásico

September 14, 2010 ChivaClasico ChivaFighter with fans

Photo Credit: 
Nicole Gatbunton/Chivas USA

With over 23,000 fans in the stands for the 2010 ChivaClásico at PETCO Park in San Diego, decided to find out at halftime what they had to say about the match, including their favorite team and the difference between 2009 and 2010. Here is what you had to say:

Who are you supporting in
tonight’s match?

“We’re here to support
Chivas USA and Chivas de Guadalajara, since they’re brothers. We go
to a lot of Chivas USA games because we’re season ticket holders.” 
–Juan G., Los Angeles 

“I’m here supporting Chivas
de Mexico.” – Alfredo A., San Isidro 

“I’m here cheering for
Chivas USA, I go to every game.” –Teresa, Ontario 

“Today I’m rooting for
Chivas de Guadalajara, but I go to a lot of Chivas USA games.” 
-Juan C., Oceanside 

“I’m rooting for Chivas
USA, I didn’t go to last year’s ChivaClasico, but my good friend
James told me about the game this year.” –Mike T., San Marcos 

“I’m cheering for Chivas
USA. I’m a season seat holder so I go to games often. I like this
stadium, I love San Diego. ” –Aaron C., Riverside 

“I’m here rooting for Chivas
USA.” Tom B., Carlsbad 

“We’re rooting for either
team, we’re just here for the game.” Chris C., San Diego 

“I’m rooting for Chivas
Mexico.” Leti M., San Diego 

“Tonight we’re rooting
for Chivas de Guadalajara.”-Christian O., Chula Vista  

“I’m rooting for Chivas
USA tonight.”-Jennifer W., San Diego

How does this year’s match
differ from last year’s?

“This stadium is smaller.
You can really see everything because it’s a baseball field. The Rose
Bowl is a larger stadium and we felt farther away from the field and
our teams.” –Juan G., Los Angeles 

What are you most excited
to see tonight?

“Watching both of the teams
do their best. Even though they’re brothers, they have to play a good
game for the fans and hopefully that will happen.” Juan G., Los Angeles 

“I’m excited to see both
of the teams, and see who’s going to come out on top, the Mexicans
or the American side.” –Alfredo A., San Isidro 

“I’m most excited about
seeing who wins.” –Teresa, Ontario 

“I’m excited to see the
fighters from Chivas de Guadalajara. I think Guadalajara will win.” 
– Juan C., Oceanside 

“I’m most excited to see
good quality soccer. I’m hoping for a couple goals.” 
– Mike T., San Marcos 

“I’m most looking forward
to beating Guadalajara.”- Aaron C., Riverside

What were you expecting
from the game?

“I was expecting an excited
crowd, a fun game, and a really cool environment” Tom B., Carlsbad 

“We were just expecting a
lot of fun, a great atmosphere, and a lot of supportive fans.”- Chris
C., San Diego 

“We expected more from our
team, but they’re playing okay.”-Leti M., San Diego 

“Tonight I expected a whooping,
the game has been alright, but we want to see some goals.”- Christian
O., Chula Vista 

“I expected a good time,
and they’re actually playing a lot better than I thought they would.
They’re doing really well.”- Jennifer W., San Diego