Behind the Lens: Shadowing Juan Paz followed the man in charge of videos on September 19

Juan Paz

Photo Credit: 
Juan Miranda/Chivas USA

Sitting quietly in front of his computer in the Chivas USA front office, one wouldn’t target Juan Paz as the guy who has been Chatting with Chivas USA all season. But Juan, Multimedia Coordinator for Chivas USA, is in charge of filming and editing all video content for the website including the popular “Chatting with Chivas USA” series. On September 19 shadowed Juan to see what he did on a game day.

Juan attended Long Beach City College and majored in film, but his film aspirations came from an unlikely source: Charlie’s Angels. “It was Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. I came out of that movie theater and said ‘That’s what I want to do.’” After working for Univision and in commercial production, he joined the staff at Chivas USA in early 2010.

Juan works Monday through Friday in the office at The Home Depot Center, creating and editing content for and other sources. “During the week I’m really occupied. I do videos for the website, for newscasts or interviews for many TV stations.”

Game day for Juan begins long before the gates open to fans. “I usually get here three hours before the gates open, because I have to do all the videos for pre-game and game time.”

Once the doors open and the stadium fills up, Juan is in ChivaTown capturing the fan experience from behind his camera lens. He walks around the entire stadium recording the crowd and capturing the festive atmosphere of a Chivas USA home game.

As soon as the players end their warm-ups and head back to the locker room, Juan sets up his equipment on the field. During the games you may see Juan walking the sidelines with his camera at the ready to capture the excitement of the game. “I always have to be on my toes. I always have my camera with me, but its not always recording. If something happens in front of me and I miss it, I haven’t done my job.”

At the final whistle Juan’s night is only half-done. He heads inside to capture the post-game press conference get footage of player interviews from the locker room. He then goes back to the office to create a finished product that fans can enjoy. “In the end I make a whole piece, showing what happened that day and inviting people to come to the games.”

At the end of the day, Juan is happy with what he has achieved. “You need to do something that makes you happy, something that gives you butterflies. That’s the reason I got into this.”