Zemanski's Pre-game Pump Up

The Akron native shares his ritual with cdchivasusa.com

Zemanski vs. Toronto FC

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Former Cleveland Cavalier and current Miami Heat basketball player LeBron James is famous for his elaborate pregame routine. The crowd goes crazy when he tosses a handful of baby powder into the air before he steps onto the court.

Chivas USA midfielder Ben Zemanski, who shares a hometown of Akron, Ohio with James, has a much more introverted pregame routine. He likes to pray and focus on the task at hand.

“Mentally, I get myself in the right zone to step out on the field and be ready to play,” said Zemanski.

The 22-year-old enjoys listening to rap music, especially Lil Wayne.

“I like music that will get me pumped up for the game,” Zemanski said.

Having grown up and attended college in Akron, Zemanski has a pulse on how the people in James’ hometown feel about his move from the Cavaliers to the Heat.

“People in Akron are very upset,” Zemanski said. “[James] moved on, so we have to move on too.”