Vásquez on Roster Changes

With so much movement in the Chivas USA locker room, maintaining cohesion has become a priority

Chivas USA has been making some major changes this season, most recently loaning out Maykel Galindo, Gerson Mayén, and Chukwudi Chijindu, as well as adding Alan Gordon to the roster.

Ensuring that the team remains a cohesive unit is a priority, according to Chivas USA Head Coach Martín Vásquez. “We work on that everyday. That’s what we preach everyday, and that’s what we believe in, teamwork. The guys that have joined us recently have that in mind and the guys that have gone on loan we can bring back anytime.

"At times the transition has been easy, at times maybe the results don’t [reflect it], but the philosophy and the approach is consistent, and I think everybody has done a good job.”

For the rest of the season Vásquez says that the team will “continue to go forward, believing in what we’re doing, working hard and playing as a team.”