Umaña's Consistency Earning Minutes and Respect

Vasquez discusses Chivas USA's new minutes leader for 2010

Michael Umaña

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Fourteen minutes into Saturday night's win over Columbus, Michael Umaña passed Mariano Trujillo became Chivas USA's minutes leader for 2010, finishing the match with 1,517. The accomplishment says a lot about how Red-and-White head coach Martín Vásquez feels about the defender and his consistently high level of play.

"The expectations of Michael were high and I think that up to now he has lived up to every expectation. I am not saying that because of the minutes that he has played or the games that he has started. I am saying that because of what he brings to every training session and what he brings to the locker room."

When pressed, Vásquez elaborated, saying that, "Individually he is solid, that is his strength and his quality, but collectively he makes us a better team... He has shown that he can play against anybody in this league."

Saturday in Toronto Trujillo is expected to be available to play again so perhaps Umaña's day in the sun as minutes leader will be short-lived, but hopefully his consistency and solidity so valued by Chivas USA will remain.