Section 126: Value Seating and the Ogden Family

Season seat holders Michele and Travis Ogden enjoy sitting in 126 with their two kids

Travis and Michele Ogden, who are both schoolteachers, enjoy taking their two children to Chivas USA games.

“We chose section 126 because it has a good view of the goal,” Travis said. “It also falls under the corner pricing, so it is a great value for our family.”

Section 126 is very close to the Legion 1908 supporters group.

“We are near enough to hear their chants, but far enough away not to get hit by the streamers,” Travis said, laughing. “It is a very fun and festive atmosphere.”

The Ogden’s two children, Jacob and Danica, are both talented athletes. They have learned a lot of lessons watching the Goats compete at The Home Depot Center.

“It helps them understand the importance of a strong ethic,” Travis said. “It shows them you need to have endurance as well as speed.”

Jacob (pictured above with his medals) has an impressive track resume. In July, he won three silver medals in his age division at the USA Track and Field Youth National Championships in Illinois and the Gold Medial int he 3000m for his age group at the Junior Olympic Nationals in Sacramento in July. 

He has also posted times that rank in the top 10 nationally for his age group in three different distances, according to the National Elite Youth Ranking System.

To sit in Section 126, contact a Chivas USA representative at 1-877-CHIVAS-1 (244-8271).