Section 101: "The Union Ultras"

This section is where you can find Chivas USA's first Supporters Group

Braun Union Ultras goal celebration July 31 vs. Columbus

Photo Credit: 
Juan Miranda/Chivas USA

Situated directly behind the goal, the Union Ultras are hard to miss. The sound of their drums can be heard throughout the stadium. Their massive flags display their unwavering support for the Goats.  Their non-stop passion noticeably inspires neighboring fans to join in and cheer on the Red-And-White.

Each member of the Union Ultras has a code name. Richard, whose code name is “The Commander,” stands out. At each game, he wears camouflage pants to represent his military background, a Chivas USA jersey, a flag that a deceased Union Ultras founder used to wear, and a distinctive hat. Throughout the game, “The Commander” walks up and down section 101, encouraging fellow fans to sing the Union Ultras’ chants.

“The Commander” explained the Union Ultras’ name. “The name Union comes from that fact that while we may root for different Mexican league teams, when it comes to Chivas USA, we are one,” he said. “Ultras refers to our unwillingness to fight. We are about family. Everyone, even the opposition, is welcome to sit with us.”

The Union Ultras like to tailgate before the game in lot 12. A group of Union Ultras also recently took a road trip to see Chivas USA travel to play Real Salt Lake at Rio Tinto Stadium.

Forward Justin Braun often celebrates his goals by running over to section 101 and celebrating with the Union Ultras.

“It is an honor,” the Commander said about Braun’s goal celebrations. “It feels great that he acknowledges our efforts and support.”

To sit in Section 101, call 1-877-CHIVAS-1 and speak to a Chivas USA representative or click here and use the code "Ultras" to purchase seats with the Union Ultras. To learn more about the Union Ultras, check out the Supporters Groups section here.