Quotables: Chivas and Toronto players and coaches sound off

"We started off well, and then they took over and it we weren’t able to finish our chances afte

August 7 vs. Toronto FC Zemanski

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Following Toronto's 2-1 win over Chivas USA at BMO Field Saturday afternoon, here is what the coaches and players from each club had to say:


Thoughts on game…

“I think Toronto was better than us in the first 20
minutes and that’s when they got their two goals. We started off well,
and then they took over and it we weren’t able to finish our chances
after that. If it wasn’t for that 20 minutes I think it would have been fair
to say a tie – it would have been good for us but we knew about their
long throws and we knew they were going to come hard in the first half - and
you know we I think our  lack of concentration, especially on the first goal,
was not good.”

On their play after half time…

“I thought we did everything possible to tie the game,
we created chances we had the ball, we pressured, we went at them it
wasn’t enough for us to tie the game but the effort and how we played in
the second half was a lot better than the first half. We can talk about all the
chances that we had – also in the first half – but if we
don’t put them away, they bit you.”


Thoughts on game…

“It was a tough game we were down 2-0 we knew we had
to give 100% and more and we tried to get the result to tie but we
couldn’t make it we just have to keep working hard to fight."

On taking something positive into next game against

“The good thing is we have a home game, we have to get
three points it’s very important for us.


Thoughts on game…

“I thought we came out and actually started the game
pretty well, on the left side I think I remember Ante getting forward a couple
times right in the beginning of the game in the first 10-15 minutes and then
also on the right side we had a couple of chances. And then they got that throw
in that they capitalized on it and we couldn’t bounce back. I thought we
gave them too much space in the midfield for collecting second balls and they
were just winning everything it felt like and we couldn’t find a rhythm.

“Going down 2-0 you can respond in either way, putting
your head down or fighting back and I thought we did a good job in the second
half of trying to get the goals one at a time. We got the PK but I thought we
had a couple of chances before that even at the end of the first half we had a
chance with Justin’s header to make it a closer game but in the end we
couldn’t get the result and that’s disappointing.”


Thoughts on game….

“Great three points for us, first of all I thought
after a long week and long travel and an emotional game down in Honduras I knew
this could be the game that might be difficult for us. But I thought we came
out in the first half and thought we played pretty well. There were a lot of
chances and I’m honestly disappointed that we came out at half time only
2 nothing up. They had a moment or two but I was hoping we’d score another
one and kill the game.”

On play of Chad Barrett…

“Chad is having a good year. And I know he has more in
him, that’s the funny part about it. He has a lot of talent and I always
tell him, Chad it’s only up to you how far you want to go – and the
thing is tonight he scored a great goal but he had an even easier chance after
that. In those moments sometimes for just a split second he rushes if he just
relaxes a little bit I think he scores more goals. But right now he’s in
good form, the only reason we took him out was because he wanted to make a
tactical adjustment.”


On his goal…

“I went through a streak earlier and hopefully this is
another streak of mine and I’m just ready to help the team. The ball fell
nicely for me, I just buried it. I probably should have had two and put the
game away for good but that’s something I need to do for the team.”

On his good play…

“That’s the thing, I think when I was younger
and I started to get good spells going for me it would go to my head. Now I
don’t care about that – I literally just want good things for the
team. We won the Nutrilite we advanced in Champions league we got a big win
here to start the second half of our season like we should of done a couple
games back. We have a tough game in New York and we just have to take it game
by game from now on.”


On getting first two goals early….

“Of course you know we’ve said all along if we
can score goals in multiple games in any game our defence is good enough to
hold the other team off the scoresheet. That being said tonight was a perfect
example of that.

On having to play New York on Wednesday…

“You know that’s the rest of our season in a
nutshell, boom, boom, boom with games here and games there, CONCACAF and all
that included. We don’t really have time to sit and think about what
we’ve done we have to look at what’s in front of us now.”