Q & A With Alan Gordon

Gordon was recently acquired in a trade with the Galaxy

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Forward Alan Gordon has always been a thorn in the side of
the Goats. In the April 2008 match of the SuperClasico, Gordon scored two goals
against the Red-and-White. That season, Gordon had five goals and seven assists
for the Los Angeles Galaxy in 24 starts.

who Chivas USA acquired from the Galaxy in exchange for allocation money, has
16 goals in 99 career MLS matches.

spoke to cdchivasusa.com after returning to the United States from Puerto Rico
with the Galaxy, and before traveling with the Goats to Canada to face Toronto
FC on Saturday.


You played seven
seasons with the Los Angeles Galaxy. How hard is it going to be for you to get
used to the new jersey?

“It is going to be more difficult than it would be for any
other team. Over the years, there has been a pretty intense rivalry between the
two teams, and you are programmed a certain way. That being said, I know some
of the guys on Chivas, and I have a good relationship with them. I also know
[head coach] Martín [Vásquez] from back in 2004. We are all professionals, and
I am sure that I can make a pretty easy transfer to the squad, and to getting
to know the guys.”


What do you bring to
Chivas USA?

“I think that they need a target forward, somebody who is
going to be dangerous in the box, and a goal-scoring threat. That is something
that I want to bring to Chivas, and they want me to bring as well.”


You have played in
many SuperClasicos. What do you think about the SuperClasico, and do you expect
that it will be different now that you are wearing the Red-and-White?

“I do not expect anything to be different. I will be on the
other side, but the emotions are still going to be there, and my loyalties have
changed as of today. I look forward to beating the Galaxy just as much as I
remember wanting to beat Chivas.”


Do you have the game
on October 3 against the Galaxy circled on your calendar?

“Yes. That is going to be one I am looking forward to. Once
you are traded, you look for the game against your old club, and it means a
little more. It will be my first time playing against the Galaxy in a long
time, and I am looking forward to it. Hopefully we can bring a win against the


How familiar are you
with the Chivas USA players? Are there any Goats that you got along well with
when you were playing with the Galaxy?

“Off the field, we all get along. It is just on the field
that we are rivals. I have a good relationship with several Chivas players, and
I am going to fit in well with that locker room. In a couple of weeks, I will
feel like I have been there for years.”


How long do you
expect it will take you to feel comfortable playing with your new teammates and

“It is all about your attitude. I feel I already started
preparing mentally for the transfer to Chivas. Hopefully, it will not take me
very long if they accept me and I accept them. It can happen very soon.”


 You are from Long
Beach. Were you glad to stay in Southern California?

“Absolutely. I have a pregnant wife, and we love living in
Southern California. Both of our families are near. It could not be any better.”