Practice Report: August 4

Long Beach FC watches the Goats prepare to face Toronto

In their last day in the States before leaving for Canada, Chivas USA took to the practice field to continue to prepare for what is sure to be a tough game against former Chivas USA coach Preki and Toronto FC. 

The Red-and-White began practice with a series of short range passing drills designed to focus on quick touches and accurate ball movement.  The team then moved on to several long range passing drills and then played a short scrimmage and experimented with possible line-ups for Saturday’s game. 

After a short water break respite following the scrimmage, the coaching staff shortened the field for a smaller, more fast-paced scrimmage.  The team finished practice with stretches and a long-distance crossing and attacking drill to try to fine tune an attacking offense that will be greatly needed against Preki’s team.  

On hand at practice was a contingent of young children from a local church group, as well as the members of Long Beach FC, a youth club soccer team located in Long Beach.  The boys from Long Beach FC has just finished a practice at the Home Depot Center and got the unique opportunity to watch and learn from a professional soccer practice. 

Tomorrow Chivas USA will depart for Toronto where hopefully they can continue their winning ways off the practice field and onto the pitch at BMO Field.