Padilla on the ChivaClásico

Chivas USA forward talks about playing for both sides

ChivaClasico 2009 (10)

Photo Credit: 
Juan Miranda/Chivas USA

Chivas USA forward Jesus Padilla came to Chivas USA on loan from Chivas de Guadalajara in August of 2009, so he has played for both clubs in the ChivaClásico. Padilla sat down with to answer four questions about the 2010 ChivaClásico on Sept. 14 at PETCO Park in San Diego, CA.

Are you excited about the upcoming ChivaClásico?

Should be exciting, we got to play them here in Pasadena last season and it was a hard game, but hopefully we can win this time. We are brothers, you know. We have the same colors; we have almost the same uniform. Last time big brother won, but I think it is time that we show them that we can be the big brother.

What does it mean to you to have played for both teams?

It is something really special to play for both teams, but now I am with Chivas USA and I will defend this club and these colors. But since they are the same colors it makes it easier for me.

Do you still have close friends on Chivas de Guadalajara?

I am friends with [Omar] Bravo... and I do still have some other friends on the team. I am very excited to see all of them again.

What was the best moment of the 2009 ChivaClásico for you?

My favorite moment was playing in front of all of the Chivas fans who were there supporting both teams, it was great to see all those people in red and white. Hopefully we can get the same crowd in San Diego!

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