Name The Series

Calling for fan ideas on naming the new Chivas USA TV interview series

Braun and Jo at the beach (DL)

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Chivas USA

Chivas USA TV host Jo Ankier recently took Justin Braun out for a day in Manhattan Beach, asking the young striker about coming into the league undrafted, growing up in Salt Lake City and playing for Chivas USA.  Check out the video here:

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Ankier, a former British runner and record holder in the 1500m and 3000m Steeplechase as well as Chelsea TV reporter, will be going on location with Red-and-White players this season to give fans an insiders look at their favorite players.

As of now the series does not have a name, which is where Chivas USA fans come in - use the comment function below to give us your name suggestions for this series of on-site interviews. We look forward to hearing your ideas!