Section 141 “The Players' Entrance”

Fans here are the first faces Chivas USA see before a home game

July 21 vs. Pachuca Section 141 High Fiving Fan

Photo Credit: 
Seth Rubinroit/Chivas USA

As the Chivas USA players walk from the locker room onto the field, they receive a standing ovation from section 141. Red-And-White fans cram themselves against the railing, sticking out their hands to high-five favorite players.

When the opponent exits the locker room, on the other hand, the Chivas USA fans voice their displeasure, creating a hostile environment that reminds the players that their presence is not appreciated in the home of the Goats.

The fans in section 141 are the first people that the players see when they walk onto the field, and the last that they see on the way back to the locker room. They play a significant role in creating a distinct home field advantage for Chivas USA.

Tommy Arreaola from Walnut Park (pictured above), who sits in the second row of section 141, said that he likes his seats because he gets to see the players up-close and for the last two games he has gotten to high-five his favorite player, Giancarlo Maldonado.

To sit in Section 104, call 1-877-CHIVAS-1 and speak to a Chivas USA representative.