Section 128: "The Corner Kick"

Fans here can almost reach out and touch players taking a corner

Section 128 Fans

Photo Credit: 
Seth Rubinroit/Chivas USA

A perfect corner kick takes focus and concentration. All eyes are on the kicker, who has to send a precise strike past multiple defenders to reach an open teammate. However, that task becomes infinitely more difficult when thousands of fans are screaming at the top of their lungs, trying to distract the kicker.

The Chivas USA fans in section 128 are so close to the player taking a corner kick that they could nearly touch him. Nothing gives these fans more satisfaction than to make an uproar and cause the kicker to misfire.

“We like to yell and scream at the opposing players so that they mess up and do not score,” Searra Silverberg said.

The fans in section 128 like to yell creative and unique insults at the opponent’s players. Patrick Uretz, who is fluent in English and Spanish, often initiates the Spanish distractions.

Don’t worry, the fans only direct verbal comments towards the players. When asked if she had ever seen a fan sling more than insults onto the field, Coral Silverberg laughed and said, “Of course not.”

What further motivates the fans in section 128 to be loud and energetic is that they are often shown in the background of the television shot during corner kicks, so the fans can tell their friends and family to look for them on T.V.

Another perk of sitting in section 128 is that the seats are nearly parallel to the goal line, so the fans have a clear view of whether the ball is actually scored, unlike certain World Cup referees.

“We make sure to let the ref know whether the ball goes in,” Cully Smoller said.

Overall, the fans in section 128 rarely sit down, and expend great energy in their loud and enthusiastic support of the Red-And-White.

“Besides the churros, the crazy fans make coming to a game fun and worthwhile,” said Searra Silverberg.

To sit in Section 128, call 1-877-CHIVAS-1 and speak to a Chivas USA representative.