Section 104: “Jonny B.’s Corner”

One section at The Home Depot Center has become the unofficial spot for Bornstein sightings

Bornstein Family The Morenos

Photo Credit: 
Seth Rubinroit/Chivas USA

Ever since defender Jonathan Bornstein joined Chivas USA in 2006 Jaime, Diane, and Eliano Moreno have sat at the bottom of section 104 in The Home Depot Center. They proudly wear a #12 Bornstein Team USA World Cup jersey or a #13 Bornstein Chivas USA jersey.

The Morenos are more than just fans of Bornstein; Diane is Bornstein’s sister. After almost every home game, Bornstein walks over to section 104 to see Diane and the rest of his family.

“When he was a rookie, we got season seats in this corner, and he would come over after every game, and sign autographs,” Jaime said. “Now everybody comes over here because they know Jonathan will come over here. It is like the Jonathan Bornstein corner.”

By coming to the games to watch Bornstein play, the Morenos have become die-hard fans of the Red-And-White.

What do the Morenos like the most about Chivas USA games?

“Definitely being here with the Bornstein clan and watching a good soccer match.”-Jaime
“Watching the comraderie on the field and watching Chivas win.” -Diane
“Being in the stands with passionate fans and watching Jonathan play.” -Eliano