July 14 Practice Report

Puebla F.C. and Chivas USA Train in Advance of Thursday's SuperLiga match

The Red-And-White practiced on Wednesday in preparation for their SuperLiga match against Puebla F.C. Thursday night.

With the U.S. Soccer Development Academy occupying many of the practice fields, Chivas USA practiced in the main stadium of The Home Depot Center.

Coach Martín Vásquez stressed precise passing, counting out loud the number of passes that the players made in a ten-on-ten drill. The Goats also practiced defending corner kicks, with Coach Vásquez yelling to his players, “Make sure we are facing the ball at all times.”

With the sun beating down on his players, Coach Vásquez made sure to call for frequent water breaks to keep the players hydrated.

Meanwhile, Puebla F.C. practiced on an auxiliary field. Puebla F.C. is led by defender Alejandro Acosta, who started 32 games and scored nine goals during the 2009-2010 season. Puebla F.C. is coached by the controversial José Luis Sánchez Solá, who has been fired and rehired multiple times by the club.

Tickets for SuperLiga are still available by visiting cdchivasusa.com/superliga