WC2010: Saragosa on Brazil vs. Ivory Coast

"The back line needs to be a little more cautious, mark more tightly, and give opposing players

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Hello, Chivas USA fans! World Cup fever continues and Brazil is getting closer to qualifying for the next round. Brazil’s latest match against the Ivory Coast was on Father’s Day so we had a double celebration after their victory as I spent the day with my family.

I am thrilled that Brazil earned three important points. Although I’m very happy because of the result, I was also upset at Kaká’s red card. Other than getting ejected, I thought Kaká had a good match. I don’t think he’s at 100 percent physically, and he did not play the as well as he’s able to, but he did have two important assists. Although Kaká will not be able to play in the match against Portugal, I’m sure that he’ll be at full strength when he returns.

But Kaká was not the only player on the field that performed well. Personally, I liked how Luis Fabiano played, and his role was important in scoring two goals. I also liked the back line with Lucio and Juan, who are players with a lot of experience; the same is true with Maicon, who performed well as a right back. In general, I liked the way Brazil played against the Ivory Coast, and the result was just as good.

I thought that the line-up and the team’s overall play in moving the ball up the field was great. It was not an easy task, since Brazil was coming into the game having not played especially well in their first game. They played better in this game, but I think that their third group match against a team like Portugal will be their best game yet, and Brazil will show how well they can really play.

There were a few mistakes that Brazil will have to keep an eye out for and correct for the next game. Didier Drogba’s goal for the Ivory Coast was an example of what the team needs to improve on, as he found himself wide open to score the goal. The back line needs to be a little more cautious, mark more tightly, and give opposing players much less space, since that could cost them a goal, and possibly the match.

I’m excited to see the next game, against Portugal. They’re coming off a performance in which they scored seven goals against North Korea but against Brazil, it will be a totally different game. When Brazil and Portugal meet, it’s played almost like a derby match. Portugal has strong, talented players, but Brazil also has those qualities. I hope that Brazil gives everything they can to come out with the victory, and if I had to make a guess, I might say that Brazil would win by a 1-0 score.

I hope that you continue to enjoy the World Cup!

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