WC2010: Braun on USA's Chances

"Organization is the Key"

World Cup 2010 Braun USA Flag

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Hello Chivas USA fans! I hope you are all as excited as I am about the World Cup and the United States’ match against England in the first round on Saturday. 

The match against England will be a good test for the United States. England definitely has some good players, but I think the US will be up for the challenge and will play well.  Personally I’m predicting a 2-1 victory for the US to start the tournament off strong.

The United States has a lot of key players who will need to play well to contribute to a victory but I think Landon Donovan is the most important.  I know Landon was disappointed with his performance in the last World Cup and he has seemed like he is willing to step up and take a leadership role and hopefully carry the US through the tournament.

The US team as a whole also has many strengths that will help them.  They are pretty organized as a team. They know the type of style they want to play and the players stick to that and defensively they stay really organized so they really don’t give up many opportunities to score.

But England is another team with tons of talent and big names.  Obviously Wayne Rooney is huge for them. The guy is a goal scorer and I think if we can contain him it will be a lot easier for us to be successful and advance in the World Cup.

Soccer is a team sport, however, and it will take more than Wayne Rooney to win against the US. Obviously England has a lot of talented players and they’re also very well organized and have quality team all around from front to back. Their biggest strength is themselves as a team because they don’t really have a weakness from one position to the next.

Jonathan Bornstein is representing Chivas USA for the United States and, though I haven’t talked to him yet, we, as a team, are all wishing him luck. I don’t know if we will be watching the game as team when we are in Sacramento, or what, but I will definitely be watching the game and rooting for my friends and fellow Americans against England.

 For the United States, a country in which the popularity of soccer is beginning to grow, the World Cup has bigger implications than just another soccer tournament. The World Cup is huge, and  this is a big World Cup for us.

I’m really looking forward to watching this game and I hope that the United States plays up to its potential and comes away with a victory.  Don’t miss my column next week when I discuss the match and the coming matches facing the United States!