Saragosa's Best Man

Saragosa and Kaká have been best friends since they were 13 years old.

Marcelo Saragosa practice photo

Photo Credit: 
Seth Rubinroit/Chivas USA

It is not uncommon to have your best friend be the best man at your wedding. However, it is rare for said best man to be arguably the best soccer player in the world.

Brazilian offensive midfielder Kaká, who plays for Real Madrid, and Chivas USA defensive midfielder Marcelo Saragosa have been best friends since they were 13 years old, when they both played on São Paolo FC in Brazil. Since then, they have kept in touch throughout their soccer careers and even served as each other’s best man in their respective weddings.

“We are good friends, like brothers,” Saragosa said after a recent practice at The Home Depot Center. “We talk a lot, about family and about ourselves.”

While Saragosa is training with Chivas USA in Southern California, Kaká is in South Africa preparing for the World Cup. Kaká struggled with injuries during his first season with Real Madrid, but looked truer to form as he scored a goal in Brazil’s friendly on Monday against Tanzania. Saragosa is confident that Kaká will be healthy and successful in the World Cup.

“[Kaká] is an excellent player,” Saragosa said. “He will do well in the World Cup because he is a good professional player.”

Brazil is first in the FIFA world rankings, just ahead of Spain, due in large part to their very talented offense. In addition to Kaká, Brazil is led by forwards Robinho and Luis Fabiano.

Saragosa is holding out hope that he will be teammates with Kaká again in the future.

“I hope one day he comes here and can help the MLS grow,” Saragosa said.

Given his allegiance to the country he was born in, and his friendship with Kaká, the team that Saragosa believes will win the World Cup should not come as a surprise.

“Brazil of course,” Saragosa said, laughing.

Brazil opens World Cup competition against North Korea on June 15.

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