The power of fandom Intern Monica is moved by the support of Red-and-White fans

June 26 vs. FC Dallas Union Ultras

Photo Credit: 
Nicole Gatbunton/Chivas USA

If you have never been to a Chivas USA game, there is no way to understand the dedication of their fans. Passionate and energetic, many spend the entire game on their feet, cheering, chanting, and inspiring fellow fans as well as the team. Every game sections of Chivas USA followers come together and show their Red and White pride with drums, horns, confetti, flags and relentless team spirit.

It has been a tough season so far for the Goats. Unfortunately, Saturday’s game against FC Dallas ended in a loss, but Chivas USA had flashes of brilliance. In the first half the team seemed to struggle connecting as well as moving the ball through the center, which may have to do with Kljestan’s absence in the midfield. Still, team captain Mariano Trujillo made great runs up the right side, which eventually led to his assist of Osael Romero’s goal in the second half.

Despite FC Dallas scoring again just minutes later, Chivas USA and their fans rallied on. The game remained tense and gripping until the final blow of the whistle, and despite the unfortunate outcome what remains clear is that the Chivas USA fans will remain supportive and dedicated to their team. The team’s loyal supporters have proved that their commitment is enduring and will no doubt carry the team through any rough patches. intern Monica was moved by the power of Chivas USA fans and supporters groups.  What moves you? Share your stories in the "Discussions" section of the Chivas USA Facebook page and your story could be featured here on!