Practice Report: May 7

Chivas USA practices in front of the 2010 Sueño MLS finalists

In preparation for Saturday's match against the Houston Dynamo, Chivas USA trained at 11am today. Here are a few notes from the session:

  • Crisp Passes: The team worked through extensive passing drills, a skill that they demonstrated in spades during Wednesday night's 4-0 victory over the New England Revolution.
  • Gavin's Strike: Head Coach Martín Vázquez discussed the performance of rookie Blair Gavin at New England on Wednesday when he scored on a left-footed strike, "You have to give him credit for that because he had it in mind. He had the opportunity, he executed, and he executed well."
  • Dreaming: Attending practice were the finalists from the 2010 Sueño MLS competition, there to watch the original Sueño, Jorge Flores. Following training Flores took a picture with the young players and talked to them about is experience, giving a few encouraging words.
  • Final words: "We are a different team than the last time that we played against Houston. The results say it... and now we need to show it." - Vázquez on playing the Dynamo, the only team to beat Chivas USA in the past four games.